Back in 2010, Stjärnagloss was a little known brand in the UK, sold exclusively by Shinearama. When that shop closed, some feared the brand would disappear forever. Its Scandinavian feel, honest pricing, genuine performance – and garish snow foam – gone for good. Almost 10 years later, Stjärnagloss is born again.


Stjarnagloss came about from a desire to offer the perfect balance of performance and style in the UK and European market. Before the brand was born, there were a number of pretty good brands around in the car care market but some were pretty dated and not easy to use or would look fantastic but fail to deliver what they promised.

A fine grade polish to cleanse and repair micro-damaged paint that contains further ingredients to increase shine and protection. Topped off with Pärla 500ml, a highly durable spray sealant. Introducing the First Ever HyperWax! HydroSlick is a unique product in the detailing world. Stjarnagloss.

Stjarnagloss first

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Firstly, it is less likely to 'topple over', being stable enough to stand up on its own. Anyone with a traditional lance will know how annoying this is, and how likely it is to damage the thread on the dosing bottle. And secondly, it c R44 PERFORMANCE LIMITED. 52 Aylmer Road, London, N2 0PL. Organization Number: 12333034. VAT No: 350560705. EORI: GB350564705000.

Join us as we change the scene for good and share our experiences along the way 2012-06-23 · Trying out the Stjarnagloss Red Snö foam wash. Mixture is about 50-60ml product to 440-450ml water, totaling 500ml mixture. Applied through PT Foam Lance started at 4% mixture and soon moved up Stjärnagloss Först is the first choice for dirtier jobs.

News Results Caitlyn Jenner in New York – stylewatch In her first public appearance since transitioning, Caitlyn Jenner goes for a Cz/stjarnagloss-gravling.

52 Aylmer Road, London, N2 0PL. Organization Number: 12333034.

Välkommen till vår webborderportal! Denna portal kan användas av alla direktköpande kunder. För att enkelt lägga en order, loggar du in med ditt kundnummer och ditt lösenord längre ned på sidan.

Stjarnagloss first

This was the first car we got it to shoot when launching the brand. Safe to say we   You have to go to the website before you learn it needs to be machine washed before first use. A good product, but Stjärnagloss Törstig. Stjarnagloss Torstig. 22 Apr 2012 Bilberry wheel cleaner. Car pro iron x.

Stjarnagloss first

Well modded and it looks truly stunning. We invited Paul down for a photoshoot to see it in the flesh and ask him a few questions.
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Cash on Delivery Best Offers. As most of you know @thrufilms does a LOT of content creation for Stjarnagloss. He has been teaching me so much along the way so today I am sharing a photo that I (Cav) shot and edited (with Thru’s help) for the first time. Go easy on me, I can’t mask my lack of ability with humour in photos. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Stjarnagloss, Bishops Stortford.

Follow. stjarnagloss. StjarnaGloss.
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Stjarnagloss-Forst-SDS-norwegian.pdf; Relaterte produkter. Kjøp. Kamikaze Collection - tape - 18 mm kr 49,00. Kjøp. Kamikaze Collection - poleringspute svart - 3"

Kjøp. Kamikaze Collection - tape - 18 mm kr 49,00. Kjøp. Kamikaze Collection - poleringspute svart - 3" Apply it neat to affected areas, leave it for a while to do its thing, then rinse off with your jet wash. It’s got more cleaning power than snow foam because there’s no aeration from the foam and it’s sprayed on at full strength using our effective litre spray bottle. Snöstorm. With a wide base and opening, Snöstorm has two huge benefits over traditional foam lances.

First New Media Scandinavia AB, - På hittar du, bokslut, Stjarnagloss: A Brand New Product Launch With An Scandinavian Twist 

Welcome to Talasi's Detailing, a high end mobile valeting service in Exeter and the surrounding areas. Welcome to Talasi's Detailing. I provide a high end mobile Valeting and Detailing service based in Exeter and the surrounding areas.

What you will find, though, is great performance, honest pricing and a simple range. Try some and see for yourself what the detailing scene's been missing. Sort by. Stjarnagloss - Automotive, Aircraft & Boat - Bishops Stortford | Facebook - 798 Photos. Stjarnagloss. September 25, 2019 ·. Thank you for landing on our page.